About Us

Navalex Industrial success comes from having a team of highly skilled, proud and committed professionals who embrace challenges and are committed to quality and customer service.

Managed by an experienced management team, the work force over 80 members of certified and qualified blasters/painters and construction staff, are delivering a quality service on time and on budget to our clients is the key factor.

We are continually our expertise and capabilities, while maintaining our reputation for quality, service and safety. We are constantly exploring ways to improve our systems and progress to be competitive and offer economic benefits to our customers and provide timely deliveries.

The Navalex Industrial team can give to his clients the assurance of a job well done with cost effectiveness, technical expertise and the resources needed to complete the job.

By safety programs implemented, communication and precise scheduling, Navalex Industrial is the best choice for your latest projects.


Andrew Lawrence , Automotive Parts Manufacturer

In our complex project, Navalex Industrial played an important role in providing its precious knowledge and skills. They became our go-to guys in blasting and painting requirements. Very happy to meet them.

Our Values

Problem solving
Roles knowledge