Industrial Painting

We provide all types of surface preparation services. Our goal is to perform the surface preparation only as needed and we have controls in place to prevent the need for costly and time consuming re-blasting of previous completed areas.

Our experienced blasters/painters have successfully completed a wide range of important projects. 

Recognizing our client as our most important link to success, we have built a foundation for positive customer relationship.

We can give to our clients a professional quality job with a minimized cost. With this in mind, safety and quality control is our number one priority. By implementing a safety and quality control program keeps the job on track, keeping job costs to a minimum.

Our extensive experience in painting and coating services, help us to provide the best and most efficient solutions for your requirements. Whether it's maintenance or new construction our team of experts is dedicated to deliver quality, reliability and durability.

The health and safety of our personnel and the prevention of accidents, injuries and damages are of prime importance to all operations of the company.

So, when you need industrial coating of other types of protective coatings, wet or dry abrasive blasting, or any other type of industrial painting trust in the experts of Navalex Industrial.